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  Hanging Christmas lights is likely already on your honey-do list, but what about preparing your fence for winter? We have the pro tips to get you started.
Have ever tried to install a fence on a slope? Then you know the project requires skill and experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to help out.
Is the view of your backyard marred by the sight of vinyl fence discoloration? Learn how to restore, and when replacement might be better.
Looking forward to nicer weather? This guide for painting a wooden fence will help you achieve maximum enjoyment of your backyard this summer.
Are you tired of Colorado's windstorms wreaking havoc on your beautiful back yard? We give you 7 tips to windproof your fence before another storm hits.
Do you live in a covenant-protected community in Southern Colorado? Here is what you need to know about getting HOA approval on fence design.
If you think fencing is a summer-only home improvement project in Colorado, this article is for you. Learn why you should replace your fence this winter.
Looking for the best fencing contractor for your project?  Our handy guide gives you five things to think about before signing a contract.
Are you a Southern Colorado homeowner weighing installing a cedar vs treated wood fence for your property? Learn the pros and cons of each.
Before you tear down an old fence, there are six steps you should take. What are they and how can they contribute to a successful project?
Looking for options to keep your four-legged friend safe and secure while in your yard? Our pet fencing guide will keep your pet contained and happy.
Who knew there were so many options in chain-link fencing in Colorado! Blick's gives you everything you need to know in one simple guide.
Fence installation in Southern Colorado requires more skill than crafting with popsicle sticks. Find out why you should hire a professional fence contractor.
Your privacy fencing is supposed to keep prying eyes away. But if you have one of these issues, the time may have come to replace instead of repair.
Do you have an older fence that is still in relatively good shape, but needs a good refresh? Let our tips for updating your fence inspire you!
Vinyl privacy fencing is gaining popularity with Colorado homeowners looking for low-maintenance options for their backyard. But is it right for you?
Happy neighbors are good neighbors. Our helpful guide to who owns the fence between your properties can prevent turf wars in your neighborhood.
Do your plans for autumn in Southern Colorado include doing fall fence maintenance? Taking preemptive measures now can mean less work in the cold of winter.
If you are looking for a classic fence design that never goes out of style, you should consider a split rail fence for your Southern Colorado home.
Chain link fencing is an affordable option for many Colorado homeowners. To keep it strong and looking good, periodic chain link fence maintenance is needed. 
Are you trying to choose a new fence for your Southern Colorado property? We are here to help with our list of tips to choose the right fence for your space.
Looking for ways to boost your home's resale value? Consider refurbishing your fence. Read why this is always a good idea, whether you're selling or staying.
Monday, 26 April 2021

Vinyl Fencing Myths Debunked

Instead of repairing your wood fence (again), consider common vinyl fencing myths and why this low-maintenance option might be right for you.
If "so many options, so little time!" is how you feel about fencing, you need our guide on choosing the right type of wood fencing for your Colorado property. 
Monday, 22 February 2021

How to Strengthen a Leaning Fence

A leaning fence is a common sight on Colorado's Front Range.  What steps can you take to strengthen the fence, making it stable and reliable for years to come?
  Robert Frost said, "Good fences make good neighbors." When you hire a fence company for your new fence, you keep the neighbors happy and you stress-free. Why? 
Why think about fence design in winter, when you would rather curl up in front of the fireplace? Here are 7 reasons why winter is the ideal time to get going.
It is said that a wise man calculates the cost before building. Read on for our tips on calculating wood fence materials to keep your privacy fence on budget.
Wood fence maintenance is imperative for keeping a Colorado fence in good condition. Read on to learn five easy tips to ensure your fence lives a long life!
The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled a surge in home remodeling projects and many Colorado homeowners are calling for advice about which style of fence adds value to a home? Learn the pros and cons of different fence styles in terms of increased equity in your homeequity in your home.
When looking into a fence you surely have wondered, will a fence last in the varying Colorado climates? Learn more about different fences and their lifespans.
Colorado is a beautiful place and many Colorado homeowners want to maximize time in that beauty by maximizing the time they can spend in their yards.  This post explores fence design to create an outdoor living space.
If you're looking to hire a Colorado residential fence company there are some tips and advice you should know before and during your search. Check them out here!
We hate broken privacy fences that let peeping neighbors ruin our party time. Here are some tips to repair a wood privacy fence by a Colorado fence contractor.
In this post, our Colorado fence company experts give you the skinny on chain-link fence materials and design considerations.
Colorado's harsh weather and roaming wildlife can quickly destroy a wood fence. In this post, the experts at Blicks Fencing company provide tips on wood fence maintenance and protective coatings.
Will building a fence increase home value in Denver & Colorado Springs? In this post, you can learn which fencing factors affect a Colorado home's resale value.
We get asked all the time for advice about Denver/Colorado Springs fence repair. In this quick post, we share some fence maintenance tips for Colorado homeowners.
You need to install a fence but don't know which Colorado fence company to choose? This guide gives insider tips for choosing the best fence contractor for your project. 
Don't let peeping neighbors ruin your backyard family time. Check out our fence company's list of the top privacy fence ideas and go ahead and schedule that clothing-optional party.
Are you a Colorado homeowner contemplating a backyard fence repair, but also thinking it might just be time to replace the old fence.  This post compares repairing that aging backyard fence to replacing it with maybe something better.
Check out these five essential tips from our Colorado fence company experts on fence building, maintaining, and repairing for your home, business, or government office.
Are you considering privacy fencing for your Colorado home, business, school or other property?  Privacy fences offer an abundance of benefits including seclusion, noise abatement, security, landscaping and increased home value. If you are researching fencing building options for your Colorado home or business, then keep reading to explore the…
Installing a fence is more than an opportunity to improve your Denver home’s value & curb appeal, it’s also a basic (but effective) security measure.  But for Denver fence companies to provide an accurate quote, you’ll need to have a general idea of the type of fence you’d like to…
Are you wondering if vinyl fencing is a good option for your Colorado Springs or Denver area home?  Click to learn some of the advantages of vinyl fencing for Colorado backyards. 
Need a new fence but not sure what is the best fence style for your home in the Denver/Colorado Springs metro areas? There is a large variety of fence styles and building materials available to Colorado homeowners. Because there are so many options, choosing the right fence style will require…
Owning a business comes with many responsibilities. Aside from handling paperwork, sales, and everything running smoothly on a day to day basis, the business owner is also responsible for the safety of the employees and the security of the property. Adding a fence adds a sense of security for the…
Monday, 27 August 2018

Denver Fence Pricing

When you’re a home or business owner, there are plenty of expenses you account for when you’re budgeting maintenance costs to keep your property looking good and working well. One thing people often forget to keep in mind is the cost for maintenance, replacement or even the building of a…
Monday, 30 July 2018

High Winds Leaves Hundreds of Fences Damaged in Colorado Springs

Colorado has been no stranger to natural disasters in the last few years. The recent high winds took their toll on Colorado Springs homes when they knocked down hundreds of fences across the city. If you've been affected by the high winds, call a dependable Colorado Springs fencing company. Like…
Investing in a new fence can be a lot of time and money, so it makes sense to want to keep your fence in the best condition possible once you’ve got it installed on your property. Unfortunately for any fence, no matter the material, without regular maintenance a fence can…
Colorado weather makes it easy to spend time outside. Whether you’re sunbathing during the summer or building a snowman in the winter, getting out of the house is a great way to spend time with your family or pets, or even get away from the family and pets and be…
Monday, 26 February 2018

Denver Commercial Fence Company

Monday, 18 December 2017

Colorado Springs Fencing Prices

Monday, 26 June 2017

Denver Fence Regulations