What to Expect When Getting a Denver Fencing Quote

Getting a quote from a Denver fencing company often includes a few factors to consider. Here’s what to expect when obtaining a fencing quote.
Monday, 28 January 2019

Installing a fence is more than an opportunity to improve your Denver home’s value & curb appeal, it’s also a basic (but effective) security measure.  But for Denver fence companies to provide an accurate quote, you’ll need to have a general idea of the type of fence you’d like to install. 

Take a look at the specific things to keep in mind when obtaining a fencing quote in the Denver area. 

What Should you Expect When Getting a Fencing Quote?

When you call for a quote, expect your contractor to ask about the number of gates that need to be included on the new fence. 

Most often, homeowners need at least one gate to serve as a point of entry.  Remember: Installing gates does require additional time and materials; if you choose to add multiple gates, expect the price to increase as a result.  

Be Ready to Pick Between Single and Double-Sided Fences

When you call to request a quote, expect the fencing company to ask whether you’d prefer a single or double-sided fence. 

Learn more about the pros and cons of each below:

Single Sided: Single-sided fencing is the most affordable option because only one side of the fence will have a “finished” look, while the other side will show exposed beams.  

Double Sided: Double-sided fences are more expensive because both sides of the fence are finished. Often, homeowners can split the cost of a double-sided fence with their neighbors to ensure both properties enjoy a beautiful, finished fence. 

Material Type

Most Denver fencing companies keep a variety of materials on-hand, including vinyl, wood, and chain-link. When you call to request a quote, expect the fencing contractor to ask about the type of material you prefer.  

Because the materials used will cause the project cost to fluctuate, homeowners can request estimates for a few different materials to find the right choice for their budget.

Underground Utilities

Some residential properties in Denver have shallow underground utility lines running throughout the front and back yards. Before anything can be built, those underground utilities must be located. 

When calling for a fencing quote in Denver, you should determine whether you or the contractor will be responsible for locating and marking the underground lines.  

Check with your HOA

Many private communities throughout the Front Range are governed by an HOA. If you live in an HOA-managed community, the community’s management office will need to approve your plans before you begin building. 

Expect to provide details (such as the type of material and color scheme you’d like to use) before accepting a quote from any Denver fence contractor. 

Notify your Neighbors

If your new fence will split the property line between two properties, it’s important to discuss the project with your neighbor before making a decision to build. Often, neighbors want to be included in the decision-making process to ensure the style of the fence won’t disrupt their home’s curb appeal. 

Before calling to request a quote, we recommend you have a basic idea of the type of fence you’d like to install, including the number of gates and type of material you would like to use. After obtaining a quote from a Denver fencing company, you’ll need to determine who will locate the underground utility lines on the property and run the plans by your HOA (if you have one) before giving your fencing contractor the “OK” to build.