Should I repair or replace my fence?

Is it time to replace your old fence? Contact a Denver fence contractor to find out what your best option is.
Monday, 30 January 2017

When you’re a property owner, it’s important for you to be sure your property is protected and that often times can mean finding a fence contractor to build a secure wall for your space.

If you already have a fence surrounding your house, business, or land, keeping the property secure doesn’t just mean having the fence there. The fence has to actually be serving its purpose and as it ages, it is very likely it isn’t as strong or aesthetically pleasing as it once was.

If you own a fence, it’s important to survey it and see if there is any damage and if there is, you have to decide if you should contact someone to make a fence repair in Denver or if you should just completely replace the fence.

Should I repair or replace my fence?

Because every fence is different, even if you think you may want to make the repairs yourself, it’s smart to really evaluate if making the repairs to the fence will be worth your money and keep the fence in working condition or if you should just completely replace the fence.

Part of what plays into making this decision is that repairing a fence tends to be cheaper and easier; however, completely replacing the fence allows you to change the design and style.

A replacement can even help you to prepare for the future by investing in a fence that accommodates plans in further years, like buying a dog or having children.

There are specific things to consider in order to make an educated decision on if you should hire fence repair specialist in Denver, or just have the fencing contractor completely replace it.

Take a look at the problems your fence is having

The first thing to do when you are evaluating whether to repair or replace a fence at your Denver home or business is to fully inspect the fence and make note of all the problems the fence is having, causing or not preventing.


Wood fences tend to damage more easily than something like iron or plastic because it is a natural material. Everything from rain and snow to insects can cause problems with a fence. Wind, if fast enough, could cause damage as well.

Things like warping, splintering, holes or discoloration are all signs that there are problems with the fence. Sometimes a hole can be filled or partially replaced with a new piece of wood, however if the hole is caused by insects like termites or something similar, getting a completely new fence would make more sense.

Luckily, with a wood fence, it is possible to replace just one piece of the fence rather than the entire thing, but if a certain environmental factor is affecting the life of the fence, choosing a new replacement could solve the issue.


Vinyl is a great fencing option when a person doesn’t want to do too much work on his or her fence, however damage like cracking can still occur. Heavy winter snow or any collisions into the fence can mean replacing the vinyl fence panel, depending on how your fence is designed. Some vinyl fences may have a large vinyl area that has to be fixed rather than just one small panel.


One of the best reasons to get an aluminum fence is because it is durable, but there are still reasons to have to replace or repair your fence. If it is in need of some care, a welder is often times needed to replace paneling or railing. For something small like a loose rail, sometimes a brace can strengthen the problem, but that’s not always the case, and an entire replacement could be necessary.

When should you replace your fence?

After evaluating your fence, what caused the problem, and how large the problem is, you’ll have to make the decision if you should repair or replace the fence.

Often times, a fencing contractor in Denver will be able to help you look at your options realistically. If some of the repairs seem daunting or like they’ll be a big hassle, a replacement could make sense.

Sometimes, the money and time put into repairing a fence would also cost more than just replacing the fence as well - especially if you’re considering a fence that is made from a different material than the current fence. A quick easy way to get an idea of what you’ll have to do is to assume that you’ll have to replace the fence if more than 20 percent of it is damaged.

Completely replacing a fence isn’t always the answer though. If the fence is only slightly damaged, it could be much cheaper to repair the small portion of the fence or to put some extra precautions in place to prevent future damage.

Another thing to consider is the age of the fence. If the fence has outlived its warranty, the damage was probably inevitable and it’s likely that the parts that aren’t repaired will all continue to become damaged as well. That could mean in the coming years you’d put enough money into the old fence that it would’ve saved you time and hassle to just completely replace the aging fence in the first place.

Another thing to remember is that sometimes a fence doesn’t need to be replaced or repaired because it is damaged or aging, but because it no longer fits the needs of you and your family. Things like having children, getting new pets or even having children move out can all mean a change in the fence you want.

Depending on what exactly has to happen to make the fence more functional for you, it’s most likely that a complete replacement will make the most sense. A Denver fence repair company can always give you an estimate on making the repairs or changes you want, as well as the replacement cost, so you can make an educated decision.

Keep your fence maintained for the future

Once you’ve had a company come fix or replace your fence, you still need to pay attention to the condition of your fence. Pay attention to the recommended maintenance the repair person gives you for your fence, and don’t let any small problems go by the wayside. Extending the life of your fence by taking care of it is worth the maintenance costs and time because you’ll spend less of it later on. A Denver fencing company can always consult you on other ways to protect your fence in the future, too.