How to Repair a Wood Privacy Fence

We hate broken privacy fences that let peeping neighbors ruin our party time. Here are some tips to repair a wood privacy fence by a Colorado fence co...
Monday, 23 March 2020

We hate broken privacy fences that let peeping neighbors ruin our party time. Here are some tips to repair a wood privacy fence by a Colorado fence contractor.

If you’re a Colorado homeowner with a sizable backyard, you've probably discovered that occasionally you need to figure out how to repair a wood privacy fence. You learn that keeping any kind of wood fence well-maintained is essential. Not only does your wood privacy fence keep your home looking its best, but a privacy fence can also help keep your home safe.

Recently we posted about fence maintenance and protective coatings for Colorado. If your wood privacy fence is slightly damaged, you will need to carry out essential repairs. So, how do you repair a wood privacy fence? Here are some tips from the experts at Blicks Fence Company to get you started.

Where to Start on Repairing a Wood Privacy Fence

Before beginning a wood fence repair project, look over your whole fence to see how extensive the damage is. While the damage may initially seem to be a minor issue, the problem could be more widespread. 

A single rotted picket, for example, may appear to be an isolated issue. However, the rot may have extended to the neighboring fence pickets or support members. You may be able to fix a wood privacy fence affected by decay. However, further investigation will reveal whether you will need to replace the fence. 

Repairing the Fence Posts

Your fence posts are responsible for supporting the whole fence. If a few posts loosen or begin to wobble, they could threaten the entire fence’s structural integrity. You can repair a loose post by driving some pressure-treated wedges around the post’s base. If frost has pushed up the posts, drive them back down using a sledgehammer. 

If you have set your posts in dirt, use concrete to provide a secure foundation. You can do this by attaching wooden braces temporarily to the post. Next, dig a hole 8 to 12 inches in diameter around the post’s base. Pour concrete into that hole, so it rises above ground level. Use a trowel to shape its surface so rainwater can run away from the fence post.

If your posts are already in concrete, reinforce the foundation. Pound the concrete with a sledgehammer, then add 6 inches of fresh concrete. 

You may be able to save posts that have decayed or rotted by bolting some new lumber onto the post. You can rescue a fence post that has a decayed base by driving shorter posts next to it into the ground. Bolt the posts together, running the bolts through solid areas of wood. Finally, grab a hand-saw off to remove the decayed section of wood.

Replacing Structurally Unsound Fence Posts

Detach structurally unsound fence sections from their posts. Take out the nails fastening the posts and stringers together. Swing out the fence sections and prop them up on wooden blocks. Once you have done this, replace the damaged post.

Keeping Your Fence Looking Its Best

If your fence is still in good condition, you can do several things to ensure it looks its best. Remove any debris, such as sticks and leaves, piled against it. Also, dig a trench for a drainage path under your fence. If water collects under the fence's base some damage from the moisture will inevitably occur. Fill the trench with crushed stone or gravel.

Water may also get into the fence posts’ tops if you can see the end grain. As a result, they’ll crack or rot prematurely. Cut all post ends on a slant or top them with metal or wood caps. Protecting the top of posts will repel rainwater and increase the life of the posts.

Make sure to paint or stain your fence regularly.  A good well-protected in the long term, so you don’t need to fix a wood privacy fence too frequently.

Seeking Professional Fence Repair Help

Not every homeowner has the time or skill to repair a wood privacy fence. A locally owned and managed Colorado fence company, such as Blicks Fencing, can help. We can repair or replace damaged fences, so your home says secure and attractive.

If you’re ready to choose and install the right chain link fence for you, call Blicks Fencing today. We’re looking forward to helping you to make your property more secure and more attractive.

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