Looking for Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Colorado Front Range Home? Check Out Our List of Top Picks

Are you a Colorado homeowner looking for a new backyard fencing style to keep out peeping eyes? Check out our list of privacy fence ideas.
Monday, 29 July 2019


Colorado homeowners looking for a way to keep out nosy neighbors call us all the time for privacy fence ideas.

Did you ever watch the show Home Improvement? You probably remember Tim Allen’s neighbor, Wilson W. Wilson, Jr. who was always hiding behind his fence. Even though you love your charming Colorado neighbors, you don’t need to talk to them all the time (or see the full face, as in Wilson’s case). 

But who wants a large wall in their yard? The yard is where you host social gatherings, where kids play, and where potential buyers first look.

How do you install a privacy fence while still maintaining curb appeal? Here are some popular Colorado privacy fence ideas for that perfect Wilson-proof fence while still giving your yard Colorado style.

The Classic White Picket Fence

If you're not looking for extreme privacy then consider the classic white picket fence.  This style creates a friendly barrier that provides a minimum level of privacy while still encouraging social interaction with your Wilson next door.

The white picket fence is a classic home décor piece. Installing a white picket privacy fence can encourage you to host more family events at home while tying together the dreamy western aesthetic many Colorado homeowners desire. This simple addition to your yard will make it look like the quintessential American dream.

Slat Wood Privacy Fence

Do you have a green thumb? If plants and nature are your favorite décor item, opt for a slat wood privacy fence. This type of privacy fence blends in perfectly with nature—and vines absolutely love it!

The boxy look also makes this privacy fence idea almost impossible to look through, which gives your Colorado home ultimate privacy and peace of mind. If your slats are close together, you can potentially avoid a peeping Tom catastrophe.

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Cedar Wood Privacy Fence

Installation of a durable cedar wood privacy fence is one of the hottest Colorado home décor trends right now! That’s because affordable cedar wood is just as practical as it is stylish. Cedar privacy fencing is very resistant to the harsh Colorado sun, rain, hail and in most case wind.

One of our favorites is the cedar wood privacy fence. This type of privacy fence is simple, affordable, and since cedar is a natural pest repellent, the wood can ward off insects that inhabit the Pikes Peak and Denver areas.

Tiled Wall Privacy Fencing

Who said your privacy fence has to be a, well, fence? A wall provides just as much security. But who wants to surround their home with a concrete wall? You’re not trying to ward off enemy forces and evil spirits (at least we hope you’re not).

Spruce up your wall with tiles. Patterns such a classic mosaic pattern will add that little oomph to your yard while providing privacy and safety for your Front Range property.

Are You Looking for Privacy Fence Ideas?

There are many privacy fence ideas out there. But your privacy fence doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Use these ideas to protect your privacy while still maintaining home décor catalog-influenced style.

Do you own a home in the Colorado Springs or Denver areas? We can help build your fence, and we can offer you a myriad of different privacy fence ideas and free estimates.

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