Summer Wood Fence Maintenance Tips for the Colorado Front Range

Wood fence maintenance is imperative for keeping a Colorado fence in good condition. Read on to learn five easy tips to ensure your fence lives a long...
Monday, 24 August 2020

Wood fence maintenance is imperative for keeping a Colorado fence in good condition. Read on to learn five easy tips to ensure your fence lives a long life!

Colorado summer is in full swing, and you might be wondering how you should best approach wood fence maintenance. Many homes and businesses throughout the state have beautiful wood fencing, an affordable and practical solution for security, privacy and aesthetic needs. 

But, the heat and elements in the summer can damage your wood fencing. The winter won’t do it any favors either, so the warmer months give you an opportunity to take care of your investment. If you want to avoid fence repair or replacement, here are some top wood fence maintenance tips you can apply now. 

Wood Fence Maintenance Tips for Summer

Here are five wood fence maintenance tips you can follow to ensure it stays in great condition year-round:

1. Inspect Your Fence

Before doing any other upkeep, you should inspect your wood fence at least annually. Check its structural integrity concerning fence posts, hinges, and nails and screws. Over time, fasteners can loosen, which you can fix with a hammer or screwdriver. If your fence looks to be wobbling or leaning, a trusted Colorado fence contractor can make repairs. 

2. Keep Your Fence Clean

Mold, mildew and rot can develop on a wood fence, which is unsightly and can also threaten the integrity of the materials. Look for a greenish hue on the wood,a telltale sign of mildew. You can remove it and keep your fence in good shape by washing it with water, some safe detergents, and a scrub brush. Better yet, take a pressure washer to the fence once or twice a year. 

3. Seal the Wood Periodically

One of the best ways to prevent insects and the elements from damaging your wood fence is to seal it every few years. Some stains contain a sealant, so you can give your fence a desired sheen and color while protecting it at the same time. Depending on your fence’s condition, you might need to sand a wood fence before staining. 

4. Remove Vegetation

You should also make an effort to keep weeds and debris away from your fence. These materials can cause the wood to erode more quickly than normal, reducing the useful life of a wood fence in Colorado. Pull off any vines that have grown on the surface and rake away leaves from the base of the fence. Also, avoid planting trees right next to the fence since roots can interfere with its stability. 

5. Check Your Sprinklers

Colorado Springs and Denver area homeowners often dream of a green and lush lawn, but watering your fence will damage the wood. Most sprinkler systems allow for some form of adjustment. Check yours and make sure you don’t have the water spraying directly onto your fence. If this is unavoidable, you might want to consider a drip irrigation system for those areas instead. 

What If Your Fence Has Passed Beyond the Maintenance Stage?

Maybe you skipped a few summers worth of wood fence maintenance or inherited a less than perfect fence. A reputable fence contractor can take a look at your fence and let you know whether it can be repaired or needs replacement. 

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