Finding the Best Pet Fencing for Southern Colorado Pet Owners

Looking for options to keep your four-legged friend safe and secure while in your yard? Our pet fencing guide will keep your pet contained and happy.
Monday, 18 April 2022

Looking for options to keep your four-legged friend safe and secure while in your yard? Our pet fencing guide will keep your pet contained and happy.

Summer is on its way, which means Colorado Springs and Denver pets will be spending more time frolicking in the yard. If you want to keep your pets happy and safe while outdoors, you need Blick’s guide to pet fencing for Southern Colorado. 

Opening your home and heart to a pet can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and Coloradans are at the forefront of pet owners in the United States. The website World Population Review reports that forty-seven percent of all Colorado households have a pet. That statistic is not surprising when you consider all the dog-and-pet friendly trails, restaurants, and attractions along the Front Range. 

But unfortunately, no matter how much we might want to bring them with us everywhere, there are times and places when that is just not feasible. So, how do you keep your pet safe and happy while you are away? Our pet fencing tips will help.

The Safety Factor

The best fence for your pet should not only keep the pet safe from harm but should also keep surrounding neighbors safe as well. 

Colorado is no stranger to wild animal attacks. Smaller domesticated animals in particular need to be protected from foxes, coyotes, hawks and other large birds of prey, and even mountain lions, depending on your neighborhood. 

Do you live near a busy road or intersection? Then keeping your pet in his or her secured enclosure will prevent them from being struck by a car, or causing a car accident by a driver trying to avoid hitting them. 

Is your pet especially protective of you and your property? You should consider a pet containment system in your yard that will let intruders know that your fearsome friend is there, but that also allows the Amazon driver to safely deliver packages to your front door.

Is your pet aggressive toward other animals or humans? The sweetest pup in the world to you may have a completely different reaction to someone else. Sometimes the goal of pet fencing is to protect others as much as to protect your pet.

The Size of Your Pet Makes a Difference

The size of your pet is one of the most important things to think about when deciding the type of fence you’ll pick for your animal. If you have large animals like horses or cattle, it’s OK for the fence to have openings, but for smaller animals like dogs or cats, the fence must be completely secure to prevent the animal from leaving the yard or area. You also must consider the space the animal will be housed in as well - the larger the animal, the more space you will want to fence.

But the reverse is true as well. A small dog, such as a Maltipoo, does not need as much space as, say, a Great Mastiff. 

Don’t forget that pets, like children, grow. Keep in mind how large your tiny puppy will be once fully grown. If your animal will outgrow your current fence, or you plan on purchasing another animal in the future, remember to build your space to fit two pets rather than just one! A Colorado Springs fencing contractor can help you to determine how much space will be needed for multiple pets.

What Is Your Pet’s Temperament?

The temperament of the pet can play a huge factor in picking the right pet fencing. If your dog sees open space and runs as quickly as he can away from you, a fully enclosed area may be better. (More about that below.)

Your pet’s temperament will also determine the height and strength of the fence. If the animal is large and extremely strong and playful, you’ll want a strong, tall fence that can withstand some bustling against it. If the animal is calm or unable to jump over the fence, a smaller fence likely will work out well. The purpose of the fence is to prevent escape, so be sure it truly does that.

What About a Dog Run?

Depending on the size of the property, building a containment system, or a “dog run,” with chain link fencing, rather than fencing your entire property may be a viable option for you and your pet. Of course, this depends on the type of pet and the size and purpose of the containment. 

Is the containment meant to keep your pet from running away, or is the intention to provide enough space for your dog to burn off some energy? Determining what will give your animal enough room to run around, while at the same time providing space for you to enjoy your yard as well, is an important factor in deciding on the best fence for your pet.

Consider Your Neighbors and HOA

Taking your neighbors into consideration when planning pet fencing is a helpful way to avoid future conflict. If the best fence for your pet is on a property line, is an eyesore, or if you build a fence that doesn’t contain your pets and they keep getting out, your neighbor will likely come to you to get the issue resolved. Your neighbors’ opinions should play a role in picking a fence - a small role - but a role nonetheless. 

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Likewise, if you live in a neighborhood or community with a homeowner’s association, take the time now to look over the HOA bylaws and talk to the committee to be sure whatever fence you intend to build is acceptable.

What Fences Are Within Your Budget?

The cost of a new pet fencing is based on materials, style, and the labor involved with erecting the fence. Determining your budget and selecting a fence that falls within that budget are both items best accomplished by working with a Colorado Springs fencing contractor. If the budget is too tight for a fence that fits your style, ask for ideas from your fencing contractor. They may have options you have never considered.

Pet Fencing Is An Investment Worth Making

If you have opened your heart and home to a pet, whether that be of the furry or scaly variety, you know that these creatures quickly become part of your family. Installing an appropriate and esthetically pleasing pet fence can ensure that your pet stays safe and happy this summer.

Talk to a local fencing company today to schedule your free estimate for pet fencing.