Ready to sell your home? Fix that fence first!

Colorado Springs fence companies and real estate agents both agree that fixing your fence can improve the value of your home.
Monday, 28 August 2017

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, it can mean hiring a handyman and making repairs inside and outside of your home.

Whether it is painting the kitchen a more neutral color or getting the trees trimmed, a huge part of selling a home is the impression the look of the home makes on a buyer and the convenience a potential buyer can see when viewing the house.

If your house has an old, broken fence, it can be an eyesore, make a bad impression, and even decrease the sale value of your home. Before you sell your home, call a Colorado Springs fence repair company to fix your fence and help maximize its selling price and the number of offers you get for your house.

Give your home some curb appeal

When it comes time to sell your house, you have to keep in mind what the first thing buyers will see when pulling up to your home for a showing. Curb appeal is such a big seller, and repairing a fence or tearing down an old fence and installing a new one can make a huge difference in how your home looks from the outside.

After determining if you should repair or replace your fence, consult with your Colorado Springs fencing company to determine what will look best, cost less and attract more buyers. Especially in a city as beautiful as Colorado Springs, no one wants to own the eyesore of the street.

The more attractive and useful you can make your fence and home seem, the better, and an old and worn down fence can make the entire property seem like it is old and worn down. Once you’ve fixed your fence, make sure the rest of the yard is in tip-top shape as well.

There’s no point to repairing a fence if overgrown hedges and an unmowed lawn distract buyers from noticing it. Take some extra time to landscape and make the fence stand out.

Potential homeowners want to feel safe

Another big benefit of repairing your fence is helping potential buyers to have a sense of safety when it comes to the new home. If your fence looks like it will easily blow over in bad weather, or like someone can break into it with no problem, buyers won’t feel secure.

Even something like a damaged area can make a potential buyer’s head race or jump to conclusions - they might think the damage came from an intruder or wild animal. Make your home and neighborhood feel as safe as possible by repairing your old fence so there’s no question of your property being secure.

Encourage buyers

When a potential buyer is looking at a house, they want to know that the previous owners took care of it because that means that there will hopefully be fewer problems that arise for them. Taking care of things like a fence, yard, maintaining your windows, and even touching up paint are all ways to show people that you’re maintaining your home and taking care of any homecare issues.

If you leave an old fence up, especially one that is no longer serving a purpose or just looks awful, it will send the message that you’re not concerned with fixing a problem, and that there are other problems in the house. Encourage your buyers by leaving little for them to question.

How does it affect your home’s value

If you’re selling your home, it’s likely that you want to get as high of an offer as possible from the buyers who are interested. When your home isn’t brand new, you end up needing to make some repairs to your house in order to receive higher bids.

When you are picking and choosing which projects you’ll do, you have to consider your return on investment, especially since you will no longer be living in the home. Projects like replacing your home’s siding, updating bathrooms and repairing your fence are all great ways to get your house to sell.

Colorado Springs fence repair will help you to get a better price on your home but is less expensive than other home projects and doesn’t inconvenience you in a major way either. The new fence will make the home look move-in ready as well as give it a great first impression, helping to improve buyers’ bids.

A Colorado Springs fence repair is the perfect way to prepare your house when you decide you’re ready to put it on the market. Real estate agents have been moving houses quickly, so don’t let fence damage keep you from selling your house at a high price and fast. Fix your fence and reap the benefits of one small home improvement.