Causes and Cures to Vinyl Fence Discoloration

Dealing with, or worried about future vinyl fence discoloration? Read on to find out how to fix your current or future fence problem.
Monday, 27 January 2020

Dealing with or worried about future vinyl fence discoloration? Our fence company gets calls on this frequently.  Read on to find out how to fix your current or future fence problem.

Vinyl isn’t just for records, it’s a popular material that manufacturers use to make fences too, despite vinyl fence discoloration concerns. You can easily see why so many people are choosing vinyl fences these days. For a start, vinyl has a long life span.

Compared with wooden fences, a vinyl fence is easier to maintain and lasts much longer. Even the best wood fence will only last around 20 years. Meanwhile, a vinyl fence could last a lifetime if you install it properly. Because synthetic materials make up a vinyl fence, it won’t decay or rot. This makes the fence extremely durable. 

Even better, vinyl fences are weather resistant. Wood fences are porous, so they soak up rainwater and begin to rot. Just one of Colorado Springs famous hail storms will wreak havoc on and require repairing most wood privacy fences

A vinyl fence isn’t porous, so rotting isn’t a problem. Also, vinyl doesn’t rust as a chain-link fence might, and it’s resistant to insects and pests.

However, the discoloration can become a nuisance with vinyl fencing. 

What Causes Vinyl Fence Discoloration?

Certain kinds of vinyl can become discolored over time. Usually, these are older fences or those made with poor-quality vinyl. These days, the industry has worked hard on improving vinyl products. As a result, modern vinyl fences are considerably more resistant to discoloration which is especially useful in Colorado, the state with the most sunny days of any in the country

If you do have an older vinyl fence, though, you may find it has developed unattractive stains. Mildew and hard water are the causes of these stains. Another main cause results from exposure to the sun. UV damage can cause the vinyl to change color because of degradation. White vinyl fences tend to suffer the most. Discoloration from the sun can make your fence look unattractive and aged.

How Can You Resolve Vinyl Fence Discoloration?

If you have mildew or hard water stains on your vinyl fence, there are ways to resolve the problem. You can use a vinyl-safe rust-removal product to eliminate stains caused by hard water. In most cases, this will be effective in restoring your fence to its original color.

If you have mildew stains on your fence causing vinyl fence discoloration, you can remove these, too. You can use a diluted solution of water and bleach to clean away the stains. Once you have cleaned the fence, you should use a sealant to treat it and prevent the stains from recurring.

What About Staining Because of UV Exposure?

Staining because of UV exposure vinyl fence discoloration, however, is impossible to remove because the harsh rays of the sun penetrate through the surface of the vinyl. You cannot wash away the yellowing that the sun exposure causes. The only solution is to paint over the yellowing.

While painting will restore your fence’s original color, other problems may arise. Vinyl fences should be low maintenance. Once you have painted them, they become high maintenance as you will need to repaint them regularly. If you’re happy to maintain your fence a few times each year, it can stay looking quite good. However, if you’d rather not bother with this hassle, you should consider investing in a new fence.

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