How To Successfully WindProof Your Fence

Are you tired of Colorado's windstorms wreaking havoc on your beautiful back yard? We give you 7 tips to windproof your fence before another storm...
Monday, 20 March 2023

Are you tired of Colorado's windstorms wreaking havoc on your beautiful back yard? We give you 7 tips to windproof your fence before another storm hits.

Chances are, if you are wondering if you can windproof your fence, you have experienced firsthand the aftermath of a violent windstorm in Southern Colorado. 

Our community is no stranger to violent wind storms that damage home exteriors, yards and fences. Indeed, the windstorm experienced in early December 2022 clocked in with gusts at 105 miles per hour - those are hurricane-force winds in land-locked Colorado!

Is there a way to windproof your fence? Not entirely. But there are ways to make your fence more wind-resistant, starting with a thorough fence inspection.

Inspect Your Fence for Weaknesses

In order to protect your fence from the wind, you need to identify its weaknesses before a storm hits. Walk around your fence and inspect each panel, post, and rail. Look for any signs of damage, such as cracks or warping, that may indicate structural weakness. Additionally, consider the age of your fence. The older your fence, the more prone it is to damage from the wind.

Additionally, consider applying a weather-resistant sealant to your fence. This will help protect the fence from the elements and prevent water damage, which can weaken the fence over time.

Go Deep

No surprise, the structural integrity of your fence depends on the strength of the posts. And that means your posts must be deep into the ground - three feet at a minimum - to windproof your fence. In addition, ensure the ground around your post is sufficiently packed or use concrete at the base for added strength.

Space Posts Appropriately

Even deeply sunk posts will leave your fence open to wind damage if not spaced appropriately. Generally, there should be - at most - seven feet between posts to ensure the best wind resistance. 

Clear the Area

Do you have trees close to your fence line? If so, take time to trim the branches and keep the areas directly above and adjacent to the fence clear. Fallen branches are one of the most frequent causes of fence destruction during a windstorm - and removing them will go far to windproof your fence. 

Remove Decor and Secure Loose Items

Hey, we get it. Those twinkly lights and yard decor create a relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor space. However, these items that turn your backyard into a whimsical wonderland can quickly become deadly projectiles in a windstorm. Watch the weather for high wind warnings and temporarily remove the decor. 

The same advice applies to loose items in your yard. Secure your children's toys, jungle gyms, and other garden items so they cannot be grabbed by a gust of wind and slammed into your fence.

Reinforce Your Fence with Braces and Crossbars

One effective way to windproof your fence is with braces and crossbars. Braces are angled supports that attach to the fence posts and provide additional stability. Crossbars are horizontal supports that connect the fence panels and prevent them from bending or bowing.

Use high-quality materials that can withstand strong winds. For braces, choose heavy-duty steel or aluminum. For crossbars, select pressure-treated wood that won't warp or rot over time. 

These reinforcements can increase the overall strength and stability of your fence.

Selecting the Right Fence Material for Your Environment

The type of fence material you choose can also play a significant role in its ability to withstand high winds. Some materials, such as chain link fences, are more resistant to wind damage than others. Wood fences, while beautiful, can be more susceptible to warping and cracking in high winds.

If you love the look of a cedar fence or live in an area that requires HOA approval on fence design, consider styles that have spacing for the wind to pass through. The fewer flat surfaces that need to stand up to strong gusts, the more likely you are to successfully windproof your fence.

Don't Let the Wind Take Your Fence Away. Call in the Experts at Blicks Fencing.

Taking these steps now can effectively windproof your fence before the next storm comes along. The best way to start is with a fence assessment from a professional fence company local to Colorado Springs and Denver. 

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