Advantages of Vinyl Fencing for Colorado Backyards

Vinyl fencing is strong, beautiful and an affordable option for Colorado home owners. This post shares with you our top 7 advantages of vinyl fencing.
Monday, 24 December 2018

Are you wondering if vinyl fencing is a good option for your Colorado Springs or Denver area home?  Click to learn some of the advantages of vinyl fencing for Colorado backyards. 

Having a fence installed in your Colorado backyard isn’t always as simple as picking up the phone and calling a local fence contractor. There’s a ton to consider - which style of fence fits your needs, will this fence be temporary or permanent and how much upkeep it will take.

One of the most important options to consider when talking to Colorado vinyl fence contractor is the material and finish you want your vinyl fence to have.  Vinyl fencing comes in multiple colors, is versatile, needs little maintenance and is affordable.

If you’re unsure that a vinyl fence is a good decision, keep reading to learn some of the advantages of vinyl fencing for Colorado backyards. 

Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences are strong

One big benefit of vinyl is how much stronger it is than wood. Vinyl fencing is almost five times stronger than wood and it doesn’t decompose or absorb moisture, which can cause rotting or peeling. Because vinyl is so strong, it can last for decades and it is a good investment since it won’t need to be replaced.

The strength of the vinyl also allows most Denver and Colorado Springs area fence companies to offer substantial warranties on their vinyl fence installation services and materials. This means that even if your vinyl fence is somehow damaged, you are guaranteed a new fence or repair, which gives you more bang for your buck!

Vinyl fencing is a low-maintenance

Some variety of fences require a significant amount of maintenance, which can mean a lot of time and money.

Vinyl fences require almost no maintenance, aside from an easy soap and water cleaning. Painting doesn’t have to happen often either. Unlike wood fences, the color variation of vinyl fence panels is minimal so refinishing it isn’t necessary.

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Vinyl is also water-resistant which is huge! Because it doesn’t absorb moisture, it won’t warp or rot like wood, or rust like metal. This is great for people who want to place a fence near a pool or in an area with sprinklers because water damage won’t be a concern. Finally, bugs like termites cannot damage it, so there are no real maintenance dangers like there are with other fencing materials.

Vinyl Fencing is easy to clean

Vinyl fencing is very easy to clean. To clean, wash off any debris with a hose, which will show any spots that need to be scrubbed. Then, apply a soap solution to the fence before scrubbing it off with a brush and wiping it clean.

If any stains are more difficult, it’s OK to use bleach water and a brush, just be sure to test a small part of the bleach on the fence first to be sure there’s no discoloring. Cleaning the fence is only necessary about once a year.

Vinyl is an affordable fence style

The fact that vinyl fencing is both low-maintenance and so strong is part of the reason vinyl is more affordable than other options like wood. Without having to paint or replace parts of the fence, you don’t have to spend money on those materials or for someone to perform the work.

The cost to buy the fence is also initially lower than wood or iron. This means you not only save money on the initial buy but over the years you won’t pay for fixing.

The flexibility of vinyl fencing can help it survive our strong Colorado winds

Extreme weather like rain and hail or strong wind can do a ton of damage to fences. In an area that experiences this extreme weather, the flexibility of vinyl helps to keep the fence in good condition.

Rather than breaking or ripping apart, a vinyl fence is strong enough to withstand the damage, yet flexible enough to flow with the wind rather than collapse. In cases where the fence is to contain animals, the flexibility of vinyl prevents pets from injuring themselves trying to get over the fence.

Vinyl fences come in many styles and colors

Choosing an affordable and durable fence can be difficult because of the limited style options available, but vinyl gives a buyer many options. There is a huge variety of styles and accessories to make vinyl fences more beautiful.

Most vinyl fences don’t show much hardware which provides a clean and simple look. There are many colors to pick from, and vinyl even gives those who want a more traditional wood look an option. Sometimes, vinyl is available with a wood-grained texture, so you’re able to get a fence that looks classic but that has the strength and durability of vinyl.

Vinyl fences are safer for kids, pet, and animals

One of the most important reasons for getting a vinyl fence is that vinyl is both safe and ecological. Vinyl fences aren’t treated with harmful chemicals, which makes them safer if animals chew on them or if they somehow do get destroyed and small pieces are in the yard or near children.

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Vinyl fencing can also be recycled which is important for those who are concerned with if their fence is an ecologically smart decision. The energy efficiency of the production of vinyl fencing can also help you to rest easy. It takes the least amount of energy to produce compared to other plastics, and some metal fences, like aluminum, can take three times more energy to make!

The takeaway

A vinyl fence has so many advantages that it’s hard to overlook the vinyl fence as an option for your backyard. With its many design and style options, you can create the look you want - even if you want it to look like wood. The ease of low-maintenance is tempting, and the strength and flexibility of vinyl tell you that your purchase will be long-lasting and hassle-free. Add in the extra benefits such as its eco-friendliness and affordability and it’s hard to argue that a vinyl fence isn’t a good idea!

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