Choosing the Best Fence Style for Your Colorado Home

Need a new fence but not sure what style to choose? These tips will help homeowners in Denver/Colorado Springs pick the best fence style for their nee...
Monday, 26 November 2018

Need a new fence but not sure what is the best fence style for your home in the Denver/Colorado Springs metro areas?

There is a large variety of fence styles and building materials available to Colorado homeowners. Because there are so many options, choosing the right fence style will require prioritizing among several positive and negative aspects of each fence style.

Most Colorado homeowners want or need a fence style that is optimized for several objectives, usually including privacy, appearance, children, pets, maintenance and of course cost.

Where do you begin?  Research is always a great first step down the path of selecting the best fence style for you and your family.

Let’s explore some of the pros-and-cons of the popular fence styles in Colorado.

Choosing the best fence style for privacy

Privacy is often the number one goal for Colorado home fences.  While us Coloradans are known for our western hospitality, we also love our privacy.   

If you want true privacy, choose a fence style with little to no space between the fence pickets (boards). Vertical picket cedar privacy fencing is Colorado's most popular style for keeping away the eyes of prying neighbors.

choosing fence style for privacyIf you can stand a little less than complete privacy, then you can stagger the pickets to provide a visual screen that limits but won’t completely block people from peeping into your yard.

Also, you want to keep in mind that a privacy fence blocks your view looking out.  If you have a great view this is a negative. This is a personal preference choice for Colorado homeowners. You may be the type of person that doesn't want to see what your neighbors are up too.

If your primary reason for building a fence is to shield a small area of your yard from view - your hot tub, for instance - so you can go for a partial-privacy alternative. For example, you can stagger panels of solid fencing with sections of fence that have empty space between the pickets.  This way you can still enjoy your mountain views while keeping the areas you want private screened from view.

The height of the fence is the key factor in providing privacy.  Most privacy fences in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas are 5’ to 6’ tall.  

The height you need will also be affected by the slope of your yard and your neighbor’s yard. You also need to factor in the position of your seating areas and your HOA codes.

Choosing a fence style to enhance the appearance of your home

best fence styles for increasing home value and appearanceChoosing the best fence style to enhance the visual appeal of your home depends largely on the style of your home.  Here is a quick guide:

  • Horizontal-board or vertical-board fences look great with most ranch-style homes.  There are many ways to enhance the appearance of these types of fences. 

  • Picket fences complement Victorian and Neo-Colonial home styles.

  • Split-rail, round pole rail, vinyl board and other horizontal fencing styles provide a decorative “western” appeal. These options are perfect for larger lots where you might want a nice visual border or maybe to contain horses or other livestock.  

  • Metal fences look good with styles such as the Mediterranean, Spanish/Mission, and urban brownstone.

Fencing a yard for a dog or children

Need to contain kids or pets?  Got a neighborhood dog using your yard as a private restroom?

best fence style for dogsHere are factors for choosing the best fence styles for keeping pets and kids either safely in or happily out of your yard.  

  • Picket and chain-link fences are great for containing small children and animals. However, they become less effective as the size of the child or animal increases.

  • Wooden privacy style fencing with a height of 5-6 feet is a great choice for containing any size child and most large dogs.

  • Iron picket style fence can also handle the child/pet containment challenge, but this is an expensive option if you are preliminary interested in containment and not so much aesthetics and improving home curb appeal.

Choosing the best fence material for low maintenance

The weather in Colorado is hard on fences. While the sun is the primary cause of fence deterioration, we all learned in the Spring of 2017 that Colorado winds can be particularly brutal on wood fences.

If low maintenance is a key factor in finding the best fence style for you, here are the best fence styles for minimum upkeep.

  • Chain link fences don’t get high style points, but chain link is virtually worry-free and low cost in terms of maintenance.  

  • Vinyl fencing requires very little upkeep but are not always well suited for privacy or boosting your home’s curb appeal (they can look a little too manufactured).

  • Iron fences can stand unattended for generations and look great, but are not appropriate for privacy and/or keeping smaller pets safe.

  • Wood fences are very popular across the Colorado front range but do require occasional mending and refinishing or painting.  Best wood fence materials for low maintenance are cedar and redwood.

Choosing a fence for low installation cost

For many Colorado homeowners who are researching fence styles, the expense to build the fence is a high-priority factor.

A number of variables go into determining how much a fencing project will cost. These include the height and length of the fence, the spacing between the pickets (more space = less material), the type and slope of terrain the fence will span and the style and composition of the fencing materials you choose.

Here is some food for thought if a low-cost installation is a must have on your list of criteria for best fence styles:

  • Chain link is unarguably the least expensive material for fencing. It comes in different gauges, from nine to 11, with the lower gauge chain link offering the most durability.

  • Wood fencing is next in line from cheapest to priciest. The cost of wood fencing varies greatly depending on the height of the fence, spacing of the pickets and decorative features like lattice top rails.

  • Vinyl fencing cost more than wood but can save money in the long run because it is very low maintenance and long-lasting. Most wood fence styles can also be built using vinyl fencing.

  • At the high end of the budget spectrum is ornamental iron fencing, which is both beautiful and durable. Iron fencing can be used in very simple to extravagantly ornate fencing projects to add a decidedly upscale look to your property.

Choosing for security

Most Colorado homeowners do not select a fence style specifically for security.  To provide security a fence must be tall, usually 8 feet or higher.

Consequently, security fences are not appropriate for homes in metropolitan neighborhoods because city and HOA rules limit fences to a height of 6 feet.  

In most Colorado front range communities fences taller than 6 foot require a special permit that must be approved by the city prior to building the fence.

The most important features to have for a security fence beside a tall height is a lack of places to grip while climbing over it.  Therefore chain link fence is a poor choice while dense picket cedar privacy fencing is the best choice for many Colorado front range neighborhoods.

Check requirements of your HOA

Though last on our list, checking you Home Owner Association (HOA) rules on fencing is one of the first things you should do as you decide on the best fence style for your home.

Many HOA rules restrict such things as the type and color of fencing material as well as height and distance from public easements.

Keep in mind it is usually required to ask permission from the association prior to beginning construction.

Choosing a fence building company

Of all the factors you must consider when building a fence for your Colorado home, none is more important than who you choose to install your fence.  

When choosing a local Colorado Springs/Denver area fencing contractor, you need to consider....

  • Colorado owned and managed

  • Experience and reputation in the local area

  • Knowledge and experience building in the Colorado rocky, hilly terrain

  • Professionalism and willingness to help you design and build the perfect fence for you.

Blicks Fencing meets all the criteria above.  If you’ve been sitting on the fence, it’s time to jump down and call Mike at Blicks Fencing today for a free, no-obligation fencing estimate.

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