A Fence Company’s Guide to Saving Money Installing a Fence

You need to install a fence but don't know which fence company to choose? This guide gives insider tips for choosing the best fence contractor for...
Monday, 30 September 2019

So, you need to install a fence, but don't know how to pick a fence company? Do you keep putting off installation because you worry about the financial undertaking? As a premier Colorado fence company, Blicks Fencing can help put your mind at ease.

Serving the Front Range for over 36 years, our fence company can answer your residential, commercial, and industrial needs. And, we can help you save money while still providing quality fence installation. Here are a few tips to help you save money.

Choose the Right Fence Company

Myriad fence companies sprinkle the Front Range. In Colorado, the need for fencing is high. The need for privacy and to keep out unwanted wildlife increases the commercial and homeowner fence demand. Bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and deer do not respect property lines. Thus, fencing becomes vital for safety reasons as well as for privacy needs.

When choosing a fence company, know the average cost of fencing per linear foot to prevent price gouging.

As of 2019, this average fence installation runs anywhere from $13-$50. An entire installation can cost $2k-$8k. While the price will vary based on material and design, researching fence construction price quotes and customer reviews helps the consumer make an informed choice.

Based on Colorado's terrain, the expertise of the fence company should impact your choice, and help save money. Look at your fence company's years in business, and, the variety of fence installation provided.

Obtain Permits Before Installation

You want to make sure and get your fence construction permits before starting the installation project. 

A fence company should ask you if permits are in place before beginning installation. However, if the question isn't posed, and work begins before you have obtained permits, you will still hang on the hook for the cost of labor and materials already provided.

Check with your local city and county governments to discern which permits are needed. Or, if you are a homeowner, check with your HOA and receive permission before hiring your fence company. This will help prevent hold-ups and any costs you may incur from wasted labor and materials.

Know Land Gradation before Fence Installation

One of the trickier aspects of installation for a fence company in Colorado is the various and sometimes difficult levels of terrain. If you need to build a fence on tilted, sloping land, or if your perimeter is rocky, consider using cheaper fencing materials. And, compare the costs of material via different companies.

More info:  Denver Guide for Fences.  Pikes Peak Regional Building Dept work exempt from permits

Colorado terrain is part of the phenomenal beauty of this amazing state, but it also increases the difficulty and cost of fence installation.

Choose Fence Material that Fits Your Budget

A fence company can provide a large variety of materials for your fencing project. A corporate or industrial fencing installation may call for a simple chain-link fence or a higher-end aluminum fence. However, a residential fencing project may need a small, nostalgic "white picket fence" or a high, thick, cedar privacy fence.

Keep in mind that the cost of fencing materials rises exponentially based on the appearance and privacy provided by the fence. Vinyl-coated wire mesh is the cheapest material, and cedar fencing is far more expensive. Also, as the length and height of the fence rise, so will the costs.

Consider DIY Sprucing-Up of Fence Installation

Yes, a fence company will install intricate wrought-iron or thick cedar fencing for you. But, if you're on a tighter budget, the cost of this beautiful and private fencing may exceed what you can afford. Don't panic!

There are upsides to using cheaper vinyl-fencing. A mesh vinyl fence still offers privacy and prevents unwelcome wildlife visitors from your back door. And, it requires little maintenance. It will never need staining or post replacing. Maintaining its appearance takes a mere garden hose and a little bit of detergent.

Installing vinyl-mesh linked fencing and sprucing it up is another cheap alternative to expensive fences. In its basic form, it still keeps out predators. And, it provides sturdy fencing that needs minimal repair.

If Colorado homeowners are looking for privacy fence installation, they can creatively build on the fence by planting hedges in front of and through the links. Or, for a mere aesthetic, flowers or vines along the tops or woven through the fence are an impressive touch.


Choosing a Colorado fence company and fence installation does not need to feel overwhelming. Although building fences along the Front Range of Colorado can prove challenging, it is doable. If you research area companies, costs of material, and necessary permits before making your decision, your fence installation will run smoothly.  There are also many ways to spruce up cheaper fencing that are conducive to privacy and aesthetics. 

Are You Looking for a Colorado Fence company you can trust?

There are many fence companies out there.  Blicks Fencing has been building fences along the Colorado Front Range since 1983. We are locally owned and managed.  Call and speak with fence expert Mike Blickenstaff to get answers to your questions and a free estimate.  Blicks Fencing provides fence installation and repair to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Fully licensed, insured and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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