Wood Fencing

Wood fencing tips for Colorado. Call Blicks Fencing company for any type fence repair or installation in Colorado Springs & Denver areas. Free quotes.
Are you a Southern Colorado homeowner weighing installing a cedar vs treated wood fence for your property? Learn the pros and cons of each.
Your privacy fencing is supposed to keep prying eyes away. But if you have one of these issues, the time may have come to replace instead of repair.
Do you have an older fence that is still in relatively good shape, but needs a good refresh? Let our tips for updating your fence inspire you!
If you are looking for a classic fence design that never goes out of style, you should consider a split rail fence for your Southern Colorado home.
Colorado's harsh weather and roaming wildlife can quickly destroy a wood fence. In this post, the experts at Blicks Fencing company provide tips on wood fence maintenance and protective coatings.
Are you considering privacy fencing for your Colorado home, business, school or other property?  Privacy fences offer an abundance of benefits including seclusion, noise abatement, security, landscaping and increased home value. If you are researching fencing building options for your Colorado home or business, then keep reading to explore the…
Investing in a new fence can be a lot of time and money, so it makes sense to want to keep your fence in the best condition possible once you’ve got it installed on your property. Unfortunately for any fence, no matter the material, without regular maintenance a fence can…