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Are you considering privacy fencing for your Colorado home, business, school or other property?  Privacy fences offer an abundance of benefits including seclusion, noise abatement, security, landscaping and increased home value.

If you are researching fencing building options for your Colorado home or business, then keep reading to explore the benefits of privacy fencing.

Investing in a new fence can be a lot of time and money, so it makes sense to want to keep your fence in the best condition possible once you’ve got it installed on your property. Unfortunately for any fence, no matter the material, without regular maintenance a fence can need replacing sooner than expected.

This is especially true for a cedar fence. Dry rot is one of the greatest reasons a cedar fence needs replacing. Especially in Colorado where there’s a mix of wet weather like rain and snow, it’s important to keep in mind ways for preventing rot on cedar fences. With the right prevention and repairs, you’ll be able to keep your fence in tip top shape for a longer period of time!

Thursday, 08 September 2016

Styles and Maintenance for Cedar Fencing

When it comes to picking and building a new fence, a cedar fence can be a great option for reasons ranging from maintenance to privacy. The wood is easy to maintain with its resistance to bugs. Picking out what type of cedar fence you’d like isn’t always as easy a decision.

Hiring a Denver cedar fence contractor to build the fencing around your home or property is the most convenient way to set up a property line and create privacy for yourself and your family. A cedar fence builder will have the expertise to explain the benefits of each type of fence, to give you an idea of what will give you the most bang for your buck and will be an expert at installing your fence so that it is sturdy and long-lasting.

Before contacting your fence builder though, it is good to have an idea of what cedar fence options there are so you fully understand the options your contractor gives you.

When you own a farm or ranch, or even a casual property where a property line needs to be defined, a fence is useful in keeping animals in or out and identifying what land is yours.

A split rail or post and rail fence are both great options that are simple to construct, easy to maintain, and can provide a classic look. Any type of rail fence is ideal to build on hard or rocky ground, so both fences can be placed interchangeably by a Colorado Springs fence company.