How To Refresh The Look Of An Older Fence

Do you have an older fence that is still in relatively good shape, but just needs a good refresh? Let our tips for updating your fence inspire you!
Monday, 20 December 2021

Do you have an older fence that is still in relatively good shape, but needs a good refresh? Let our tips for updating your fence inspire you!

Let's face it. Colorado winters can be brutal on an older fence. When you add in high winds like we recently experienced in Colorado Springs, even the strongest fence will show signs of wear and tear. 

Luckily, just because you have a fence that has seen better days does not mean you have to completely replace it to get the fresh look of a new fence. 

Simple Repairs

Before doing any fence refresh project, take a good look at what you are working with. A few damaged boards, missing nails, or splintered pieces can really make your fence look weathered. This is particularly true for older fences. 

Your fence withstands a lot, from constant exposure to the elements to extreme weather events. It is bound to need repairs at some point. Making these minor repairs does not have to be expensive or time-consuming but makes a real difference in the appearance of an older fence. Repairs also make your effort to refresh the appearance of your older fence much more straightforward.

Of course, when it comes to making fence repairs, calling in professionals can really help. A professional can spot vulnerabilities in your fence that can easily be fixed now instead of resulting in a hefty repair bill later. Calling a professional also ensures that repairs will get done the right way so as not to compromise the integrity of your fence.

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Power Washing

Your fence may not look visibly dirty, but you will be surprised how much can build up over the years. Storms, wind, and other weather events pelt your fence with dust and dirt. Even on the most beautiful Colorado days, wood fencing will eventually suffer from buildup from the elements, fading, and splintering. 

Power washing is an easy and effective way to refresh the look of an older fence. Power washing can be done in as little as two hours and can make your fence look new. It is an easy alternative to painting, staining, or repairing your fence, but can still make a big difference. 

Although many home improvement stores rent power washers today, hiring a professional to power wash your fence is advisable. Particularly with older fences, power washing can cause damage if not done correctly. 

In addition, power washers wield a lot of power and can be a safety hazard to you and your family if not used properly. According to Consumer Reports, injuries from power washers are reasonably common, as the water force can cause a serious skin laceration in seconds. 


Depending on the material, a fresh coat of paint is a great option to refresh the look of an older fence. Fences originally painted several years ago may now be out of style, or the color could be chipping or cracking.

Even for newer fences, in some regions with particularly adverse weather, it is recommended to paint your fence every two to three years to keep it looking fresh and protect it from moisture.

There are a lot of factors that need to consider in fence painting, such as weather conditions, proper priming, drying time, and prep work. 


Staining is a great way to refresh the look of a wood fence. Wood that has been neglected for years is bound to look tired and old. Wood needs to be treated to maintain its health and look.

New stains can dramatically change the appearance of an older fence, making it look almost like new. Staining also lengthens the life of your fence. Oil-based stains penetrate the wood, protecting it from sun, wind, moisture, and other elements.

Staining wood is a delicate process that you cannot rush. Take the time to prepare the wood properly and apply the stain correctly, or the result could be worse than when you started the project. So, do your research before beginning a fence staining project. For instance, is your wood fence made of pine or cedar? Applying the right kind of stain for the type of wood, not to mention the weather conditions in Southern Colorado, will impact how well your project will turn out. 

Invest in Add-Ons

Another great way to refresh the look of an older fence is to invest in new add-ons. Your fence no longer has to be a utility-only part of your backyard. It can add a lot of decorative value as well. Even if you have an older fence, adding new light posts, latticework, lights, or even fence art can bring new life to your fence.

Refreshing Your Older Fence Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Don't give up on your fence just because it has seen better days. There are many options for bringing your older fence new life. If you want to learn more about the available options or are ready to move forward with any service, call Blick's Fencing Company today to schedule an appointment for your free quote!

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