Create a Backyard Sanctuary: Five Advantages Of Privacy Fencing for Colorado Homes & Businesses

If your backyard is your sanctuary from the world then privacy fencing is for you. Read 5 benefits privacy fences offer Colorado Springs/Denver homeow...
Monday, 25 February 2019

Are you considering privacy fencing for your Colorado home, business, school or other property?  Privacy fences offer an abundance of benefits including seclusion, noise abatement, security, landscaping and increased home value.

If you are researching fencing building options for your Colorado home or business, then keep reading to explore the benefits of privacy fencing.

Privacy fences set precise boundaries

Does your property have indistinct boundaries?  Do your neighbors or the public encroach upon your property?   

A privacy fence defines an unambiguous boundary which can reduce the anxiety of unnecessary disputes with neighbors.  When you install privacy fencing, there’s no questioning if that bush that needs trimming is yours or your neighbor’s.

Tip. Make dead-sure you know where your property line is before building a privacy fence. You can put the fence on your property line boundary but we recommend you set the fence back 6-inches just to be sure.  

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Buffering noise

Privacy fences are solid, which makes privacy fencing effective at blocking or lessening the noise beyond the fence.

If you need to block quieter noises - for example, neighbors chatting or the sound of their air conditioner - then a typical cedar wood or vinyl privacy fence might fit the bill.

But, if you live near a busy road and need to block loud traffic, then you need heavy dense construction material and possibly a taller than average fence design.

A tall solid privacy fence can reduce traffic noise by 6 to 10 decibels. AcoustiFence® is an outdoor acoustical barrier that can help reduce loud outdoor noises from reaching your home, business or school.

Building a fence for noise abatement requires heavy construction materials. Wood and masonry are two common materials used to block noise.

If reducing noise is your goal, then speak with a few of the local fencing companies in Colorado Springs or Denver to discuss your specific goals and budget.  Blicks Fencing offers free consultations and our owner Mike Blickenstaff loves to discuss fencing for noise abatement.

Protect yourself and your stuff with a privacy fence

A privacy fence can prevent prying eyes from seeing both you are your stuff.  Many Colorado Springs and Denver metro-area property owners do not want others observing their backyard activities.  Here a tall privacy fence is just what the doctor ordered.  

If impulsive kids are your concern, then a 4-5 foot privacy fence will deter young people from jumping the fence and helping themselves to your stuff.

If theft is your concern, then you will need a fence at least 6-feet tall to deter thieves from spotting and planning a heist of your awesome stuff.

Are you often away from home?  Or live alone? A tall privacy fence will prevent eyeballs from observing who might spend time at your house. If you spend time in your backyard, and you’re always alone, it’s unlikely an evil-doer will know you are often away or home alone.

If you love getting a full body tan during our all-too-short Colorado summers then the benefits of a tall privacy fence go without saying. For both you and your neighbors.

Privacy fences protect non-human prying eyes from viewing the vegetation and invading your backyard.  Many of our Colorado Springs/Denver fence customers struggle to control an unchecked population explosion of deer, rabbit, raccoon and even the wily coyote.  

For animal deterrence, we recommend tall cedar wood privacy fencing to keep the four-legged visitors out of their backyard gardens.  

Do you own a business with a large parking lot?  If your business allows it, a privacy fence built around the parking lot will make employees who work late feel safer when walking to their cars alone or late at night.

Also for a business, a tall privacy fence is a way to mark dangerous areas and lessen any liability from people wandering in and getting hurt.

Privacy fences can protect your eyes and sanity

Have you put thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into landscaping? Is your backyard your sanctuary where you escape to commune with nature?   We are on the same page with you.

But if the surrounding neighbors don’t take the same pride in their backyard as you do, then it’s frustrating to look at the eyesores next to your visually appealing and expensive property.

Adding a privacy fence not only adds an extra touch of class to your landscaped backyard, but it also keeps you from having to look at other yards that may not be as nice. With that, you can incorporate the fence to hide ugly areas of a property, such as a dumpster or trash cans.

While you might hate to spend extra money not to see your neighbors yard, an attractive privacy fence will the increase your property value and the curb appeal. When the time to sell comes the privacy fence will make your home more marketable as well as create a higher resale value.

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There are many options for privacy fencing

One virtue of choosing to install a privacy fence is the range of materials, styles, and usage that comes with it. There are several styles of wood and vinyl fencing used for privacy. Concrete and privacy chain link are frequently used in Colorado. 

It’s easier to find a privacy fence that fits your needs when such a large variety of options exists to choose from. It also makes sticking to a budget easier.


Privacy fences have many advantages for homeowners and business alike.  We touched on the benefits including solitude from prying eyes, defining boundaries, noise abatement, security, landscaping and increasing home value.

Get your questions answered by a Colorado Springs/Denver privacy fence expert

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