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Fence Company Downtown Colorado Springs: Blicks Fencing provides for residential and commercial customers in Downtown Colorado Springs, CO. Our fence installation, fence repair, and fence contractor services are ideal for the unique needs of the Downtown landscape.

Downtown is the quintessential shop, eat, and live local neighborhood in Colorado Springs. The residents living here take pride in their connection with Colorado Springs' history and enjoy spending as much time out of doors as possible.  Whether you are walking down the tree-lined sidewalks on Cascade or enjoying the quiet of a backyard barbeque, homes here are anything but traditional. From Victorian-era split level homes to modern lofts, and just about anything and everything in between, Downtown has it all.  Blick’s Fencing has been building and repairing fences in Downtown Colorado Springs for decades.  We know the climate, the set-back requirements, the trees and most importantly the pride that Colorado Springs residents have in living Downtown.

Blicks Fencing is dedicated to enhancing the beauty of your yard, home, and state, by providing high-quality fence building, fence repair, and custom-built gates.

We provide custom-designed new fence installation specially designed for the diverse Downtown Colorado Springs yards with unparalleled craftsmanship. Each of our fence company projects is built using the best materials, and Blicks Fencing guarantees you will be happy with your new fence or fence repair.

Fence Services

Fence Building in Downtown Colorado Springs

We understand the unique aspects of fence building for the soil, grades, weather, wind, and sun in the Downtown neighborhood. We have built and repaired thousands of fences across the Colorado Front Range and are very familiar with the unique challenges of your area.

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Need an Existing Fence Repaired?

Fence repair is a common challenge faced by many Downtown homeowners. The two most common calls to our fence company are for wind damage and old fence repair.

Wind damage is a seasonal problem and usually happens in big bursts. Old fence repair is often needed when you start to observe discoloration, warping, or splintering of your wood fence.

Many fence problems can be fixed with simple repairs.  For example, replacing the individual pickets or even whole panels of a wood privacy fence.

Other fence problems are more difficult and expensive than replacing pickets or panels because the posts need to be dug out of the ground, and often, they are mounted in cement.

Speak to a Fence Company Experienced in Downtown Colorado Springs First

Whatever your needs, plans, or budget we recommend you speak with a fencing company expert from Blicks Fencing to get the best fence repair, replacement, or new installation you need.  Our experienced fence contractors can recommend the best fence style and material as well as give you ideas for fence layout, height, colors, and more. 

If you have your measurements, we can usually provide a quote over the phone within 24-hours of the call. If not, we will schedule a free on-site consultation where we will take measurements and provide a reliable quote the next business day.

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