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Professional Ranch Fence Installers

Sturdy ranch fencing is very important for the thousands of ranchers in Colorado. That's why Blicks Fencing offers top-quality installs and free estimates to Colorado ranchers so they can help secure their horses, cattle, and other farm animals. Ranch style fencing can be anything from rail fencing to barbed wire steel designs. The important thing is that it will serve its purpose and safely secure the livestock. Contact Blicks Fencing today to get an estimate for your ranch fencing project.

Horse fencing in Colorado Springs & Denver

Horse fencing styles vary depending on what you're protecting your horses from. In Colorado, horses need to be adequately proected from such predators as wolves, coyotes and mountain lions and even non-predator animals such as opossums which carry a nasty disease known as Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis. If your ranch is located further out on the plains then it's likely coyotes are going to be your major concern.

For very large ranches, split rail or rail style fencing is an affordable option to cover vast lots of land. This is better for keeping horses within the property line during the day but is not effective for keeping out predators.

For smaller enclosures or pens where you may keep your horse at night, a small wire mesh, electric fence, or chain link fence may be the safer option to keep out wolves and coyotes.

If you need help planning your horse or ranch fencing project then call Blicks Fencing for a free estimate at (719) 574-5441.