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Lattice Top Fencing

Lattice Top Fencing is the perfect fencing for adding security without compromising on beauty. Lattice top fencing adds value to your Colorado home, appeal to your yard, and security for your family.

Decorative lattice fencing has a very appealing design, can be made from either wood or vinyl materials, and offers a unique look to the traditional fence style.

A popular version of the lattice top fence is done with cedar fence panels (see below). This beautiful lattice design is solid in its construction and provides both security and privacy for your pets and family.

Lattice Top Fencing Cost

The cost of lattice fencing is calculated per linear foot. What this means is that it is difficult to estimate the exact cost of installing lattice top fencing without first taking measurements of the area and factoring in any difficult spots that may need work before adding in a fence (i.e. slopes, interfering plants, odd angles). The best way to determine the cost of your lattice fence install is to contact a Colorado fencing contractor.

Blicks Fencing provides free estimates for your fence install. Call (719) 574-5441 today to talk to one of our professional lattice top installers and to schedule your free estimate.

Lattice Top Fencing Projects

Enjoy some of our previous lattice top project photos.

Wood Fence FAQs

Wood Fence FAQs

Wood fencing can last between 15 and 30 years. Of course, how long your fence lasts will depend on how whether the wood is treated or not, how well you care for it, and the specific type of wood you use to construct the fence. For instance, treated cedar fencing generally outlasts other types of wood up to 40 years. On the other hand, untreated spruce can last as little as 4-7 years.

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There are many options for wood fencing, from Spruce to Cedar to Redwood, and everything in between. Which is right for you depends on the intended use of the fence. Do you need to add curb appeal, increase privacy and security, or to keep kids and pets inside the yard? The best way to select the best wood for your fence is to contact a local fencing company for a free estimate.

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There are three main reasons why hiring a fence contractor is a good idea. First, fencing companies have access to tools, supplies and wood plank prices not available to the average DIYer. Second, the strength of your fence depends on post placement and depth. Fencing companies best know how to stabilize your fence and ensure it lasts when facing Colorado weather. Third, your time is valuable. Rather than spending your time and energy building your fence, hiring a fence company to do the work lets you sit back and enjoy the results.

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